Saturn delivers. Test drives, that is.

Besides the nifty new Astra and Vue Red and Green Lines, the Chicago Auto Show will see the debut of something else new from GM's Saturn division: the "Test Drive at Home" program. Rather than dragging the whole family down to the local dealer to get an abbreviated ride around the block, Saturn will start bringing a model of choice to customers' homes for more real world opportunities to test them out. You just call up your local dealer and a new car will be brought out to your driveway. The program is similar to the way Japanese sellers operate in their home market. Saturn hopes to make this its standard operating procedure from now on. This seems to fit Saturn's image of luxury-marque customer service levels at econobox prices very well. It should help Saturn stay one step ahead of the competition too, as its newest offerings seem to offer quality, pricing and feature content that stacks up nicely with the opposition. The details will be announced soon, but the test drive opportunities will likely be overnight, with the cars being dropped off and returned during regular showroom hours.

[Source: Chicago Tribune via Kicking Tires]

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