Autoblog at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show

Press days for the 2007 Chicago Auto Show are Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Tomorrow we'll be mobilizing the Autoblog crew and meeting up in the Windy City to prepare for our all-encompassing coverage of the show. You should expect the same amount of detail that went into our excellent coverage of the Detroit Auto Show in early January, including tons of posts, galleries of official images and live shots, and we may have some new video features from the show floor, as well.

In order to keep up with our coverage, you can subscribe to our Chicago Auto Show RSS feed using this URL: or clicking this link.

You'll also be able to bookmark a single post like we had for the Detroit show in which we'll keep all our show coverage material up-to-date by the minute. That post will be up on the site tomorrow and we'll repost its contents each night as a wrap-up for that day's coverage.

The Chicago Auto Show usually lives in the shadow of Detroit, but we never count it out when it comes to big surprises. So be ready to refresh your browser a lot come Wednesday morning when the Autoblog show coverage machine kicks into high gear.

PS: If you want to see or know something in particular, let us know in the comments and we'll do our best to comply.

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