Last October, Honda opened a new Environmental Learning Center (ELC) at their Rider Education Center (REC), near Atlanta, GA. Honda's first ERC opened in Colton, CA in 2001. The two centers are designed to provide off-road riding instruction and environmental education for riders. The facilities also provide a model for how to design off-road recreation areas in park settings. The ELC in Alpharetta, GA has 5.5 acres of forested property adjoining the 3 acre rider training area that has been in operation for fourteen years. The idea is to teach riders how to operate motorcycles and ATVs in a safe manner, while at the same time not destroying the environment in which they are riding. It could be argued that off-road riding inherently damages the environment. While that is true, it's also true that people will ride off-road regardless and if they at least get some training, hopefully the impact can be minimized. Click on the Read link for the Honda press release.

[Source: Honda]

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