Cabbies taking to new, lower-emission TX4 taxis in UK

The new, lower-emission purpose-built TX4 taxi by LTI Vehicles is not only cleaner than previous versions (as we reported when the TX4 was released last fall), it's also proving popular with cabbies and passengers. At least, so says LTI.

I rode in an earlier LTI taxi last December and enjoyed it, so I don't doubt that the new version is a comfortable ride. Richard Wilson, of Tolver Taxis in Norwich, is also on record as saying the distinctive-looking taxi has been a good buy (he ordered one without a test drive after hearing 30 had been sold on day one) for his passengers and the environment. He said he likes the low-emission vehicle, which is powered by an Italian-made VM Euro IV compliant turbodiesel engine that puts out either 211 grams of CO2 per kilometer with a manual transmission version or 233 gm/k with an automatic. Wilson said, "Other drivers have asked me what it is like and I have told them the truth. I hope now that more drivers will get them so Norwich can have the cleanest, newest fleets of purpose-built taxis around."

[Source: LTI]

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