VIDEO: Volvo gives a new rear end to the customer

In designing the new V70, Volvo spent a lot of time focusing on its hindquarters. The tailgate and rear lamp styling are such that they increase interior volume and offer a nice, clean shut line. This video leads you through some eye candy of the EUCD V70. The quick overview gets the wagon freaks among us pumped up for the new Volvo estate. Still shots of the car don't do the styling justice, as the vertical and horizontal elements really come together nicely and shots of the car pulling away from the camera show off the inherent motion in the taut lines.

There are also those among us who yawn and ask what's changed. We'll give them that, it's still a Volvo wagon, so you won't wet yourself like an excited puppy (until the R gets here, that is), but for those who love wagons, there's not too many cars that are as versatile and well thought out as a Volvo five-door. The current P2-based V70s are nice enough drivers, but they're on the brink of being dynamically obsolete, so we're hoping the EUCD platform makes the driving experience that much better. You can be certain that the interior will be a comfortable, well appointed place to spend time, all wrapped in a clean Scandinavian design ethos. Follow the jump for your viewing pleasure.

[Source: Carscoop]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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