Aw, Snap! Pontiac G8 revealed by Chicago Auto Show webcams

Sorry Pontiac, but who could've guessed that your big unveiling at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show would've been foiled by a simple webcam? We had our money on Car and Driver spilling the beans, but an eagle-eyed member of the forum managed to grab these screen shots of the jumbotron erected in Pontiac's display at the Chicago Auto Show. The huge screen was running through its video of the Aussie-sourced, rear-wheel drive G8 sedan right in front of a webcam that is set up to capture images of the South Hall at McCormick Place. There are more than a few pics, most showing little bits here and there of this most highly anticipated Pontiac sedan... except for the one above, which shows the car in all its glory. Other pics, including one of the car's rear that show taillights creeping up onto the decklid, confirm that the G8 is a rebadged version of the Commodore SS-V wearing wheels from the ultra high-performance HSV GTS model. Enjoy, and thank to the boys and girls at for the sneak peek.

Check out the rest of the pics in this gallery. Thanks to everyone who sent in a tip for this!


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