Think the Bangle Butt is ugly? Check out the BMW Air Camper

We could think of many captions for this picture that would have us on the floor in stitches, but we'll leave that up to you in the comments. For our part, we'll tell you why this BMW 1-Series has a severely swollen rear end. The inflatable sphere hanging off the back is called the "Air Camper". According to Winding Road, which discovered the accessory in Intersection Magazine, the UK-based high-fashion mag commissioned BMW to produce the bubble camper in conjunction with the launch of the 1-Series a couple years ago. It sleeps two and is inflated by a low-voltage fan that draws power from the car's cigarette lighter. The add-on magically transforms the 1-Series into the Ultimate Camping Machine, and has the added bonus of hiding the polarizing lines of BMW's Bangle-era rear ends.

[Source: Winding Road]

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