Norway to start producing electric cars again, as Think! restarts in 2007

Electric cars are popular in Norway due to the fact that they are non-taxed and are not charged for parking. However, Think! has not been producing cars in Norway as of late, as the Swiss firm that bought the company from Ford in 2003 went bankrupt last year.

A Norwegian group has bought the car's rights and production sites from the bankrupt firm and plans to start building them again this year. They also are planning upgrading the batteries to allow for a range of 180km and a top speed of 100km per hour, which is a little over 60 mph.

This car reminds me of the Kurrent, which we covered here. Small, electric-only two seater. I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think that the Think! this is the car that the psychiatrist on Eureka!, the television show, drives around in. Anybody know for sure?


[Source: The Norway Post]

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