How to tell if you're an idiot

There are a lot of idiots out there. Go ahead and take a leisurely stroll during rush hour and count how many times you mutter 'stupid' or 'moron' and even 'jerk'. You'll probably get more than a few tallies. Amazingly, some people think we, the enthusiasts, can be idiots. 22 inch rims on a Focus or one of those giant gull-wings on a Neon is pretty crazy.

Mark Vaughn over at AutoWeek compiled a list of reasons an auto-maniac can be considered an idiot. Some of the questions, like whether or not your car has fog lights, seem a little harsh (both my cars have them). Others, however, are spot-on. If you're wearing any driving-specific apparel outside of sunglasses, like special gloves or shoes, then you may be an idiot. Other items, like knowing way too much about obscure vehicles, is a little to damning for pretty much everybody on Autoblog. Click here to answer the "Am I an idiot?" test. Better yet, come up with even better examples. We know you can dream up with an even better list.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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