California wants to settle green house gas lawsuit

Last September, former California attorney general Bill Lockyer filed a public nuisance lawsuit against six automakers seeking to recover damages for the cost of problems caused by pollution. But there's a new sheriff in town now and he's trying to clean the slate. New attorney general Jerry Brown has contacted the manufacturers about resolving the suit, but he has also filed a brief with the court opposing a motion to dismiss the case. Brown wants to meet with the CEOs of the six companies, to discuss a cooperative resolution. General Motors and Chrysler are the only companies to comment so far, but they are open to some sort of collaboration with the state in order to eliminate the suit and reduce emissions. If Brown and the car makers can reach some sort of settlement, that would definitely be the best outcome, because such a case would definitely be tied up in the courts for many years to come and the outcome is definitely in doubt.

[Source: International Herald Tribune]

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