Car and Driver's first drive of the new 50-state-legal Jetta TDI

I won't give you all the details of Car and Driver's first test of the new Jetta TDI here, you can click to go to their site and read it if you'd like. But, I will give you some details...

  • 50 state legal
  • 140 HP, an increase of 40% over the 1.9
  • 236 lb-ft torque, an increase of 33%
  • available with 6 speed manual or DSG
  • it will not be called BlueTec

Instead of the urea injection that many will use to meet new emissions standards, VW is using a filter similar to the old ones that will store and eventually burn off the NOx that makes it hard for diesels to meet the new standards. As long as it works, that is OK with me. It also means that there will be no need to refill the urea tank ever. No jokes about refilling urea tanks in the comments, that is too obvious! Anyway, they like the car, but never mention any mileage claims. I guess we'll see what it is capable of when they hit the road in 2008 or so.

P.S. - I get Car and Driver in the mail. I don't like the new layout either.

Edit below: Thanks for the extra input, Marcel!

2008 Jetta 2.0 TDI 103kW / 140hp

6 Speed Manual: 51/35 MPG

DSG Automatic: 49/30 MPG


[Source: Car and Driver]

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