Where is he now? Lee Iacocca rolls the dice in Nevada

It's been a while since we mentioned Lee Iacocca. But he is in the news once again and we feel obliged to pass along the latest chapter in this automotive icon's professional life. While one of his former employers was busy announcing a record $12 billion loss, Lee was meeting with the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC). It seems Lido is getting into the gambling game.
Apparently Iacocca owns 12% of Full House Resorts, Inc., and Full House was just approved by the NGC to purchase Stockman's Casino in Fallon, Nevada. Iacocca told the Detroit Free Press that running a casino is similar to running an auto company. "Set your priorities, get good people around you and take care of the customers."

And Lee should know, too. Besides being the former President of Ford, CEO of Chrysler, head of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, and author, he's been an actor, appearing in Miami Vice and some of the funniest fish-out-of-water ads we've ever seen with Snoop Dogg.

[Source: Freep]

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