Live like a king in Bill Ford's ex-residence

Are you looking for a unique property with plenty of land, 5,900 sq. ft. of living space and a beautiful view of a lake Huron the Huron River? Not sure? What if we told you the house belongs to Ford Motor Company Chairman Bill Ford? Well, if you have $3.95 Million and a desire to live in Ann Arbor, then this very well may be your dream home. The Fords moved down the street, so your children may even go to the same school. They'll be the kids with the full-time security detail and access to a corporate jet.

Mr. Ford's house has five bedrooms, a tennis court, in-ground pool, and a view that is remarkably like the one at the Henry Ford Estate in Dearborn. The house sits on 17.1 acres and has an amazing 650 feet of lake-frontage. The $3.95 Million selling price seems very firm, but since it's a Ford you can probably negotiate 0% financing.

Check out the house listing here.

[Source: Detroit Free Press via Jalopnik]

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