DAMD mini Escalade has American chutzpah

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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it's the business of Japanese tuner DAMD to take a seemingly innocuous vehicle and have it emulate a machine that's clearly out of its league. In the past, they've transformed an Infiniti G35 into a baby Aston, and now they've taken a Suzuki Every Wagon and given it the grandest of aspirations. The DAMD Concept B Type 1 Every DA64W is dressed to the nines to look like a Cadillac Escalade. Really, the only exterior modification that's performed to this end is replacing the stock grille with a Cadillac knock-off, but combined with the stock Suzuki headlights that already look like they were lifted from the GM parts bin, the costume is effective. Of course, you're not a Caddy without chromed wheels, so DAMD added nine-spoke chrome rims along with some upgraded running boards and new rear bumper. The interior benefits from the addition of stitched leather seating and door trim, as well. The stock Suzuki Every Wagon looks like a stiff wind would send it into a series of roll overs, but somehow the addition of an Escalade grille gives it an attitude that was completely lacking before.

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[Source: DAMD via Winding Road]

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