Get outta Dodge: DAMD goes Loco(boy)

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Known best here for their bodykits that've aimed to turn a couple of Nissans into Aston Martins, DAMD is actually a prolific manufacturer of styling kits for just about every Japanese automaker. We have to say that their new accessory package for Honda's Vamos, Hobio and Acty vans takes the cake, though.

Once the OE parts are switched out for the DAMD pieces, the little kei-class vans are transformed into miniaturized Dodge A100s. DAMD calls the kit "Locoboy." Honda's Vamos family of microvans certainly lends itself to retro-fication. You may recall the Vamos we featured back in August, which was kitted to look like a 1972 Honda Step Life van.

The Step Life clone was cool, but the Locoboy operates on an entirely different plane. We'd roll in this all day.

[Source: DAMD]

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