Mitsubishi i by DAMD

DAMD, the tuners who have recently shown a penchant for Aston Martinizing Nissan products, have turned their attention to what is perhaps Japan's quirkiest kei car, the Mitsubishi i. The newest member of DAMD's enormous lineup, this particular i looks like it'd be right at home seeing duty as Darth Vader's runabout if he were forced to ditch his SS for more economical fare.

The diminutive Mitsubishi is drenched in black paint, and benefits from the installation of new side skirts and spoilers front and rear. The parts are available seperately or as a 3-piece set (the two side skirts count as one "piece"). A billet insert spruces up the car's grille opening, and an extra panel dresses up flat black plastic area immediately below the windshield where the wipers live. Finally, 15" black DAMD DS-6 wheels ( the "6" indicates the number of spokes) complete the visual refresh.

It looks great, and it gives us just another reason to be bummed at the fact that Mitsubishi's slick little kei is for Japanese fans only. If there's a market for the Smart here, there's got to be a way to make a business case for something like the i.

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[Source: DAMD ( translated) via Nihon Car]

Mitsubishi i by DAMD:

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