Another tale of Cavalier love gone too far

A good chunk of people who frequent the Internets on a regular basis have no doubt seen this pic, which shows a giant tattoo of a lightly modified Chevy Cavalier on the arm of a J-body fanboy. We've all expressed our opinion of the young man's choice, though we're prepared to let it drop since he's expressed many times on the J-body forum that's he happy with the result. Fair enough, but we're beginning to suspect that the new car smell in late-model J-bodies is actually a highly addictive airborne chemical that makes owners do crazy things for their Cavaliers.

A gentleman was referred to a few times in the tattoo thread that commissioned a custom pair of Cavalier Z24 sneakers, and he got in touch with us to show off his kicks on Autoblog. He tells us these one-of-a-kind Reeboks aren't daily drivers, just for car shows and meet ups where displaying pride in your ride is socially acceptable. And at the end of the day, at least he can take his shoes off and put them back in the closet.


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