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Cavalier love gone too far?

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Autoblog reader Brad sent us a link to the J-Body forums where we found this extraordinarily unique form of self mutilation. Reading through this forum post's comments proves this is a real tat, forever scorched with vivid Technicolor into the arm of this young man, known as zsquee24, who loves his slightly modded J-Body Cavalier a bit too much. About the odd location, the owner says, "I wanted it on my forearm so if anyone pisses me off, I can hit them with my car and not get vehiclular assault." Classy, and smart, too.

Of course, the owner's friends in the forums have been vigorously debating whether their friend is a total idiot or if everyone should just live and let live. Some of their comments, however, had us rolling on the floor laughing.

"I would have gotten it on a hoodie or something. Cheaper and not soo permanate."

"oh my word. how are you going to explain that when you are 40?"

"What could be cooler, than a cavalier with hair growing out of it!"

"You realize you will never ....EVER....get laid again..."

"First the Z24 shoes, now really kicked it up a notch."


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