GM's Dave Barthmuss on keeping electric technology alive

For over a year now General Motors has had two corporate blogs, FastLane and FYI. Bob Lutz is a regular contributor on the FastLane blog and Dave Barthmuss, whom I spoke to at the Detroit Auto Show following the Volt reveal, put up a post on FYI blog the other day about GM's ongoing electric propulsion efforts. Dave is GM's Manager of Public Policy, Environment & Energy and he appeared in the movie Who Killed the Electric Car? He acknowledges the commitment that people have to EVs and that GM has learned from their experiences with the EV1. General Motors took the technological lessons and applied those directly to the development of the Volt and the E-Flex platform. But although, he doesn't say it explicitly, the impression I got from my experience at the auto show is that GM also learned some very important public relations lessons from the fiasco surrounding end of the EV1 program. Go read what else Dave has to say at the Read link.
[Source: General Motors]

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