Vauxhall offers hyper-limited iPod dock cover created by graffitti artist

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Vauxhall makes cars, so this is fair game. I may need to ask John to add an "Insane" category to the list we're able to pull from, though. Here's the skinny: GM's Vauxhall division has a side operation going on called the VX Collective. In short, it's a group of Trendy British People "from the worlds of film, design, cooking, clubbing and sport" (clubbing...good grief) who design random swag that's somehow car-related, which Vauxhall then sells on the VX Collective website. Past items have included leather dice to hang from your rearview mirror and a screen-printed purse designed to precisely fit the Vauxhall Tigra's glovebox.

Soon enough, however, you'll be able to pick up the Vaux Dock, a creation from graffitti artist (seriously) and jewelery designer Daisuke Sakaguchi. Put plainly, it's a metal, Vauxhall-branded key/coin holder that fits over your iPod dock. Only six were made, each one weighs over a half a pound, and if you want to show the world what an über-hipster you are, prepare to shell out £399, or as we like to say here in the States, SEVEN HUNDRED NINETY EFFIN' DOLLARS!

For an iPod charger cover. With a Vauxhall logo on it. The mind reels.

You can't make this stuff up, and as proof, you can read the official press release after the jump.

[Source: Vauxhall]



The must have accessory of 2007 is finally here for music and car lovers! Vauxhall's VX Collective member Daisuke Sakaguchi has taken inspiration from this season's hottest trend for all things metallic and produced the ultimate accessory for the style conscious driving public – the limited edition sterling silver "Vaux Dock".

Created to store your car keys, change and iPod, cutting edge jewellery designer Daisuke Sakaguchi has produced an exclusive run of just six. The "Vaux Dock" is designed to fit over a charger, so when you are ready to set off on your car trip, your iPod is raring to go.

Hand crafted in sterling silver, Daisuke's creation easily slips over a universal iPod dock. Weighing in at a hefty 280 grams, with only six in production and presented in its own bespoke box, the "Vaux Dock" costs £399 per unit and can be ordered via or by calling 020 7360 7815.

Daisuke is a member of Vauxhall's VX Collective, a group of like minded up and coming British talent from the worlds of film, design, cooking, clubbing and sport brought together by the car company to produce a range of collaborative and stand alone projects focused on style, design and driving excitement.

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