Real pics of GTM 40TR - the Ariel Atom slayer

Earlier this month we showed you a rendering of the GTM 40TR, a bare-framed racer with two seats strapped to a Honda Type R engine (reports have power ranging from 197 bhp to 220). It looked just as minimalist if not more than the Ariel Atom, a car to which the GTM has been constantly compared. Courtesy of, we now have a couple pics of the 40TR, which show that indeed, the drawing didn't lie. It's hard to judge a car like this or the Atom on aesthetics, when it's quite obvious the engineers who built it weren't arguing over wheel designs and in which shade of gray should the bare metal be cast. Of course, folks looking for a single-minded track car that car reach 60 mph in under four seconds probably aren't that considered about looks, especially when they'll be a blur most of the time.

Check out a rear shot after the jump and live pics of the 40TR at


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