Ariel Atom killa! GTM 40TR

The same ethos employed by the Ariel Atom is being channeled by GTM, a small car producer based in the UK, whose previous hits include the Spyder and Libra.

The GTM 40TR is a track day weapon in the same vein as the Atom, utilizing the potent combination of a bare frame, a couple of seats and the 220 HP engine pulled from the Civic Type-R.

The lucky pilots of the 40TR will be able to experience a 0-60 sprint in less than four seconds, along with a top speed in excess of 150 MPH. All that at the bargain basement price of about £15,000 or just a few bucks shy of $30k.

The company also has plans to develop a biofuel-powered version of the 40TR that may compete in a one-make race series, sponsored by the Energy Efficient Motor-Sports initiative.

[Source: Car, Autosport International]

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