Here is the "World's Fastest Car on E85"

Earlier, we ran a story on a Viper which was converted by the owner and a shop, SVS Power, to run on E85 and produce over 1,000 horsepower. While I was checking out SVS's site, I noticed that this is not the first foray into E85 that the shop has taken. In fact, they currently own the record - 216.66 mph - for the fasted car in the world running on E85. At the time of the event, the Viper they used weighed 4,700lbs, and they plan to lose some weight, raise the boost and try again for an even faster top speed. The speed record was set in Goliad, Texas on Oct. 27, 2006 at the Goliad airstrip.

Click here to see videos of the top speed event and the car built by SVS Power.


[Source: SVS Power]

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