Not again: Blind man caught going 100 mph in Barcelona

A blind man was recently caught by a speed camera doing 98 mph on public roads in Spain. The man had lost his sight in a car accident in 1996, and, as he explained to the court, wanted to drive just one more time. So, just like the last time we heard about a sightless driver, the man had his wife sit shotgun and dole out verbal directions on which way to turn the wheel.
In this case, however, the courts tried to strip the man of his disability benefits, citing the fact that he successfully drove the car as proof his accident didn't leave him blind. In the end, however, a Barcelona court believed the man truly had an earnest desire to hop behind the wheel one more time and threw out the case.

Frankly, we're surprised at how many times people who have lost their sight felt it's a good idea to get behind the wheel. We can understand wanting nothing more than to feel the power and control that driving offers, especially when a disability does so much to remove those feelings from your daily routine. Nevertheless, there are other innocent people on the road, and sight is one of those gotta have senses when it comes to driving. Smell and taste on the other hand...

[Source: Piston Heads]

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