Bentley Continental GT/PE (Plumber's Edition)

New Zealand plumber Paul Vandenberg has one hell of a sense of humor (as well as presumably deep pockets). While most in his trade use vans or other practical haulers as their primary on-the-job vehicles, Paul has decided to opt for more comfort, less space and a ton of attention.
His business ride of choice? A Bentley Continental GT, complete with ad signage and roof rack to carry work materials. The idea was to garner publicity for his business, Atlas Plumbing, and as you can see, it worked like a charm. According to Vandenberg, his wife was less than thrilled with the idea (why are we not surprised?), but she's since "come around." For his part, Vandenberg says he'd like to work his magic on one of Maranello's finest next time... the mere thought of which makes many Ferraristi shudder, we're sure.

To each his own. No word on whether or not high-speed open-road blasts are included with Mr. Vandenberg's service visits, but if it was our sink getting fixed, we'd be sure to arrange for one.


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