2007 Russo & Steele, Scottsdale: 1948 Chrysler Town & Country mates metal and wood in perfect harmony

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1948 Chrysler Town & Country - #6619 Sold for $89,100

It's always great to see so many cool cars during auction week in Arizona. So many of our all-time favorite vehicles assembled together, and we get the chance to get up close and personal with them. Like the largest car museum open house, this display of mostly American classics tends to focus on muscle cars more than anything. A few European models appear here and there, but it's generally a chance to see the autos that made America great, cars that had style and presence, and helped define the automobile world for generations of drivers.

One such vehicle is this Chrysler Town and Country we found at Russo and Steele. The steel "Town" front and wood "Country" rear are mated so beautifully. 8,368 of these sedans and convertibles were built after the war. The white ash framing and mahogany veneered panels are interlocked and varnished to perfection. So much elegance for 1948, at a price of just $3,395 new. This '48 convertible sits on a huge 127.5 inch wheelbase and is powered by a 323.5 cubic-inch Spitfire Straight Eight, with 135 horsepower flowing through its fluid drive transmission. Such a beauty.

[Source: Russo and Steele]

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