Customizers in Japan have made a leaning three-wheeler based on a Yamaha scooter

The Scooter Scoop never lets me down when it comes to interesting scooter-based alternative transportation. Check this one out. This is a leaning three-wheeler based on a Yamaha scooter. Yamaha has been going their own way with their scooters here in the States, with vehicles such as the Morphous in the dealerships. This one is completely different, though. It's called the "Hagane", and was spotted at the 2007 Japan Auto Salon. This is not a Yamaha invention, it is a customized version of their Grand Majesty, which is available in Japan. What do you think, would you ride something like this? If so, this statement is for you: "Perhaps we plan the sale during this year..."

[Source: Auto-Gallery via The Scooter Scoop]

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