If you didn't think the Smart was green before, you will now

I know that some people think that the Smart car is a little funny looking as it is. I think it's all right. I mean, it may not be the coolest car on the road, but it's kind of neat in its own little quirky way. But, even those who think it is horrible would probably agree that it is pretty efficient. With space for two people and some belongings, it is all the vehicle that many need. It sells in Europe already, and the next model is supposed to be for sale in the States at some point. You may have seen it at the NAIAS in Detroit last week if you made it up there.

Katharina Sieverding and her students may have taken that "green" image of the Smart a little too literally. They took the next-to-last Smart to be built (the last is going in a museum) and painted it such a bright green that buildings and scenery reflect off the car while driving. They even go so far as to call it "an experimental light source." That must be really bright! Judging from the picture above, I can't imagine finding one in my driveway any time soon, and don't think I would want to see it in my neighbor's either.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]

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