Even the buzz surrounding Chevy Volt and Camaro convertible wasn't enough attract the general public down to Cobo Hall last week. The Detroit Auto Show hit it's attendance peak in 2003, with 838,000 people. This year, the continuing poor Michigan economy, along with a mid-week ice storm and some of the first snow that we've had this year, pushed the numbers down for the fourth straight year, to only 705,226. It doesn't help that actually getting to the show is such a pain. Parking at Cobo is limited and finding parking nearby is particularly difficult on weekdays, with most spots reserved for monthly pass holders. People who want to take their kids also have a tough time with the cramped confines of the facility. Hopefully sometime soon the powers that be in Detroit will finally get there act together and do something about expanding Cobo or moving the show somewhere else.

[Source: Detroit News]

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