2007 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale: Elvis Cadillac Sold at $250,000

Autoblog's man at Barrett-Jackson, Frank Filipponio, continues to send us reports from the front lines. Oh man, check out the landau roof on this thing! Riding around in this sucker will make you feel like a king. Not just any king, the King. Custom-car designer John D'Agostino has named this rare 1959 Eldorado Seville, Elvis. It's definitely a ride befitting Mr. Presley's opulent taste. A rhinestone-studded jumpsuit would be proper attire for the lavender hued leather inside. You'd look equally as badass wearing the all-black leather get-up from the '68 comeback special. The best way to go would probably be to bypass all those '60s and '70s looks altogether and go with the '50s Elvis uniform. Over the top touches like a princess phone, crystal ashtrays, solid silver Cadillac crests inlaid with rhinestone push the price up to $1m. That's a lot of dough to shell out for a car that shares the face of Ecto-1, but this is truly a lead-sled to lust after. If the exterior and its 3-position roof don't get you, perhaps the tri-power 390cid V8 will make you itch like a man on a fuzzy tree. At least one bidder thought it was worth $250,000.

[Source: Barrett-Jackson via Frank Filipponio]

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