So, um, what 'cha doing tonight?

Hey, man, how ya been?

Oh, all right. Real busy.

Yeah, you're telling me. I think my boss is gonna make me work on Sunday. Again. I haven't had a Sunday off since November. Hey, you don't look so good.

Work, huh? I used to have a job.

Yeah. I'd see you when I went into-

But not anymore. Got fired.


Yeah, I didn't show up anymore.

But you said you were busy. What do you do all day?

Well, that's the problem. I watch movies online for free.

Oh, really? That doesn't sound legal.

Well. That's unclear to me, but the site's got just about everything recent – even that Convenient Lies movie from Al Gore is on there. People've been saying the site'll get shut down for months now but it's still kicking.

You know, I did want to watch President Gore's movie. It's about animals, right?

Something like that. Hey, listen, my take-out's getting cold. They stopped delivering because of the smell, and I'm missing some prime watching time. I've gotta get back to the computer. You have a good Friday night, OK?

[Source: Peekvid]

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