Mark Fields gives up his flying perks

On 11/15, we reported about the expensive flights on Ford's corporate jet that Mark Fields was taking every weekend from Detroit to his home in Florida. Today, Mr. Fields announced to the workers at Ford that he would forgo the perk, guaranteed to him as a part of his compensation package, and make the weekend flights home on a commercial airline.

Fields has been asked to relocate several times throughout his career at Ford Motor Company, and felt that this arrangement would avoid yet another disruption in the life of his family. He uses the time at home with his family to relax from the brutal schedule he keeps during the week as one of the significant players in the revitalization at Ford. Fields will continue to fly home to Florida on the weekends, but felt that the issue was becoming a distraction to the team and made the decision on his own, with the company's full support. See you on Southwest, Mark!

[Source: Detroit News via Jalopnik]

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