2007 Barrett-Jackson: The Dream Cars

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A few more concepts from the Barrett-Jackson catalog should prove to be interesting lots. Nobody really expects these to draw the same kind of money as the F-88 or Bonneville from years past, but you never know. Heck, they probably won't even approach the value of the Dodge Firearrows we previewed earlier. But these are pretty interesting vehicles in their own right, starting with a concept for one of America's most iconic limos, carrying through to a GM mixed moniker model, to an early electric dream car. A rundown of each is available after the jump and as usual, a high-res gallery of my own and Drew Phillips' pics are available by clicking the above image.

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Lot Number: 980

Lot 980 started life as a 1963 Lincoln Continental, but was then transformed into the 1964/65 Lincoln Continental Town Brougham show /concept car. One of Ford's early XL treatments has this thing stretched 5 inches between the axles. It's serial number 3Y82N413138 and was built for Ford's "Caravan of Stars." For a car in this kind of condition, it's amazing to see that it has just over 8,000 original miles, and still has its original (near mint) interior, as well as its original padded top. Only the paint and chrome have been refreshed over the years. It's really a car that Ford used to gauge public reaction to custom coachbuilding, somewhat like the Giugiaro Mustang of late.

Lot Number: 980.1

This one is a bit of a tease. It's the 1956 Pontiac Club de Mer that was built by General Motors for that year's Motorama. But this one is just a 3/8 scale model. GM built it as a companion to the full scale concept. The story goes that Harley Earl swiped the model and sent it off to Pontiac to install a 6-volt Pontiac starter motor, 6-volt battery, steering apparatus and throttle switch. Why would he do that? Because he thought it would make a great peddle car for one of his grandsons. And if that's not significant enough for you, it's the only 3/8 scale model of a Motorama car known to exist.

Lot Number: 979.1

This is a 1961 Pontiac Monte Carlo. No, it's not a typo. It's not a Chevy. It's a Pontiac concept. It looks a bit like a cross between a scaled down Super Duty Catalina and a Chevy Corvair. Very nice proportions. It only has a 120 hp small V8, but it is light and looks like it could tackle the twisties pretty well. It was the car that many people think brought the image of performance back to Pontiac, a sporty 2-seater that GM thought would help customers change their opinion of this "old lady" brand. Didn't really get past the concept stage, but it did influence later Pontiac design, particularly in the nose.

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