Dental assistants have something to smile about: Boss gives HHRs as Xmas gifts

Dr. Copenhaver and Dr. Trout, dentists in Richmond Hill, GA, feel blessed to have such a wonderful staff and look forward to doing something special for them each year during the holiday season. This year they gave their employees something more than just a teeth whitening to brighten their smile.

After what seemed to be just another great luncheon at the Ford Plantation in celebration of the holiday season, the nine employees of their dental practice got a little more that they expected after dessert. The employees were always anxious at the party, as the dentists try to "do something big" for them each year; but this is about as big as it gets. Instead of the usual array of cakes and pie, they were served with a tray of keys.

Each set started one of the 9 new Chevy HHR's, adorned with the dental office logo, in the parking lot. They were escorted outside and presented with their new cars for Christmas. Not a bad deal for everyone involved. The employees get a fantastic gift for Christmas and the dentists get to take the write-off for advertising. Everyone comes out a winner.

[Source: WTOC tv via GM Inside News]

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