DCX could own Ecto 2 in new Ghostbusters video game

A few videos recently uploaded to YouTube show what appear to be development work on a new Ghostbusters videogame that features none other than a stretch Chrysler 300 Touring playing the part of an updated Ecto wagon, i.e. the Ecto 2. We're all about videogames here at Autoblog and we're also down with any nostalgia that can bring back the sights and sounds of the 1980s, so the chance to experience life as a Ghostbuster in all its free-roaming, first-person glory is tantalizing to say the least. It came to us while watching the videos, however, that no vehicle would make a better Ecto 2 than the Dodge Magnum. The videos show the Magnum's European doppelganger, a Chrysler 300 Touring, mainly because they're attributed to game developer Zootfly, which is based in Europe where the 300 wagon is offered. Regardless, were the game produced the Dodge Magnum would likely be the Ecto 2 parked in our firehouse.

Despite the fact that no one knows if these videos show an actual game in development, a mod to a current game or a fanboy's sick homage to the original film, the idea of a reinvigorating the Ghostbusters franchise and making the Dodge Magnum a part of that is something that DCX should seriously consider funding. And why stop at video games? Aren't we all ready for a darker, more serious-in-tone Ghostbusters 3 for the adult crowd? We say this partly because we want to see the nervous sexual tension between Peter Venkman and Dana Barrett on the big screen one more time, but also because marketing opportunities like this don't come along for a manufacturer every day.

If you can think of a better late-model vehicle to play the part of Ecto 2, let us know in the comments. For us, however, the casting couch is closed.

Check out all three videos of the mysterious Ghostbusters game after the jump.

[Source: Joystiq]

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