The January issue of Automotive Engineering magazine has a report on the Ford Dagenham Diesel Center in England. A couple of years ago Ford decided to consolidate all of their diesel engine production at their Dagenham engine plant near London. They opened a new factory next to their existing facility and also included two 280-ft. tall wind turbines to provide power to the new plant. The two plants have a capacity to produce over 1 million diesel engines in 2007. The new engine plant is producing new 2.7L V-6 and 3.6L V-8 diesels that are used in various Jaguar, Land Rover and PSA vehicles. The new V-8 is a twin-turbo that they are building for use in Range Rovers puts out 472 lb-ft of torque and 278 hp. Unfortunately, although the engines are Euro 4 compliant, they don't yet have emissions after-treatment and won't meet new US emissions standards. The article isn't online, so you can only get if you are a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and get the magazine or you know an SAE member. Click the Read link to see a Ford press release on the Dagenham Diesel Center.

[Source: Automotive Engineering International]

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