Steeda joins the Club: 2007 Steeda Q335 Club Racer

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Although it's called the Q 335, the new Club Racer Mustang you see here actually has 350 hp under its black hood. Mustang specialist Steeda Autosports has a whole line of custom Mustangs in their Q series, but this new Q 335 is kind of special. This 2007 Club Racer engineered by Steeda is designed for the track rather than the strip. Whereas the Saleen Mustang we just had in our garage was more of a straight-line specialist (be that dragstrip or boulevard), this Steeda is going to feel more at home at a road course. If you happen to find yourself at a strip, however, you probably won't be disappointed.

Steeda has been building the Q 335 since 2005, but the Club Racer just debuted at the Performance Racing Industry Show in Orlando. It takes the basic Q 335 package and adds Steeda's competition proven Pro-Action Struts and shocks, Front Control Arm Relocation Kit and chrome-moly rear lower control arms. The list of options from there includes a more aggressive competition front fascia, Steeda's billet front brake duct kit, and 14" front and 13" rear brake upgrades. You can buy a Steeda through select Ford dealers or build your own by ordering the Steeda Ultimate Power-Pak to add the extra 48 horsepower, and Club Racer Package for the improved handling.

[Source: Steeda]

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