Gallery: eCycle and Machineart jointly develop 150mpg hybrid motorcycle concept

eCycle and Machineart have developed a new concept platform for hybrid gas\electric motorcycles for the aftermarket to develop further. The machine is expected to run from 0-60mph in around 6 seconds, while returning 150 mpg. The machine weighs around 220 pounds.

Although the company has no plans to introduce the motorcycle themselves for consumer sale, they hope to prove that they can be a viable supplier to other companies willing to make the investment in the technology. They believe that their technology could be applied to ATVs as well as motorcycles.

The motor is a 42 volt DC brushless design. The battery pack uses three 12 volt batteries, presumably lead-acid, although the press release does not specify. The picture above is one of three possible configurations designed by Machineart.

Click here to access our gallery of high-resolution 1280 pixel-wide images of the three concept bikes.

[Source: Motorcyclist Online]

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