Detroit Auto Show: Toyota unwraps FT-HS hybrid sports car

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The new, huge photo gallery that accompanies this story almost matches the experience of seeing this exotic hybrid 2-seater in person. The FT-HS boasts attention-grabbing, slipstream styling that also has enough edges to make a geometry professor go blind thinking of the possibilities. Toyota officials talked about "enhancing the essential sports car fundamentals" when the vehicle was introduced Sunday night at the Detroit Auto Show. Yet this car goes beyond the basics with a revolutionary gas-electric drivetrain that appeals to a different type of enthusiast.

"The FT-HS concept targets an emerging buyer, a buyer who grew up eco-conscious, who perceives technology as a necessity, not a luxury," said Kevin Hunter, leader of the North American Calty design studio.

According to Hunter, the FT-HS profile exhibits perfect imbalance with its fluid surfaces and hard edges. The lighting is inspired by aerospace applications.

"The result of these elements is an overall theme we refer to as subtractive mass, a minimalist style that is not only lightweight but looks lightweight as well," added Hunter.

Rather cool features of the FT-HS include scalloped channel on the hood to expose the hybrid engine and an open-top roof that provides open-air driving. The cockpit is another gem with a hubless steering-wheel system and paddle shifters.

Power-wise, the front-engine, rear-drive sports car works with a 3.5-liter V6 engine and an advanced hybrid system that pumps out 400 total horsepower. Zero-to-sixty times are in the 4-second-flat range.

Best news of all, this car isn't designed to break the bank. Officials say it could be an "attainable exotic."

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