Detroit Auto Show: Nassau concept hints towards the future of Chrysler RWD

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With a press conference set to the percussion of the Drum Cafe, Chrysler rolled out the Nassau "shooting brake" concept this afternoon to hint at the future styling direction for the brand and especially its RWD line-up.

Based on the LX platform and stuffed with the SRT8 powertrain (that's a 425 HP 6.1L Hemi and 5-speed A580 automatic), the Nassau strikes a far different pose than its 300C predecessor. Viewed from a low front 3/4 perspective, the rear cargo area disappears and the silhouette takes on the popular "four-door coupe" appearance. Viewed from behind, well, it has a rather boat-tailed look.

The impossibly white interior features a center stack that brings a cell phone-like appearance, along with console-mounted multimedia controllers for the front and rear passengers. The driver gets to select gearbox position via pushbuttons on the instrument panel and a pair of paddles behind the steering wheel; the gauge package is said to be inspired by "expensive" watches.

Plenty of high-res shots from the press conference are included in our gallery.

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