Detroit Auto Show: Suzuki Flix Concept

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After the apparent popularity of the SXBox concept that made its debut in L.A., Suzuki decided to take the home entertainment theme (entitled the "LIVE series") to the next illogical extreme.

The Flix is based off the XL7 cute 'ute and gets swathed in the typical showgoing livery, with new paint, platinum trim and eye-catching lighting. However, the real trick to this pony is the clamshell lid that opens up to catch images from the roof-mounted projector. The four moviegoers within can swivel their non-DOT approved seats around, tilt back and enjoy the show. Naturally, there is all manner of AV equipment to make the experience as theater-like as possible, including a THS/SDS sound system, hi-def DVD player and even red LED door and floor stripping to simulate isles in a movie theater.

We're assuming that this is Suzuki's attempt at filling the niche that the dwindling drive-ins used to provide, so we'll give the concept a B+. As for execution, that roof-mounted projector looks like the most awkward WRC air scoop we've seen, so for that C-.

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Movie-theater-style Flix concept vehicle – a true show stopper

Last year, American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC) launched its "Suzuki LIVE Series" (LIFE VEHICLES) – a line of brand-dedicated concept vehicles specially designed for life enthusiasts, adventurers and thrill-seekers. In concert with its "Way of Life" brand proposition, which promises products for active lifestyles, and to support the launch of the all-new XL7 and SX4, ASMC introduces four all-new "Suzuki LIVE Series" vehicles for 2007, illustrating how its cars and SUVs play an integral part of consumers' everyday life.

The vehicles, coined BaseCamp for outdoor adventure enthusiasts; Flix for film and entertainment buffs; Zuk for motorcycle and racing aficionados; and SXBox for avid gamers; are on display at various auto shows and lifestyle events around the country.


Built by the Carlab of Orange, Calif., and based on the all-new 2007 XL7, the Flix concept offers film and entertainment enthusiasts the ultimate mobile movie experience. The Flix's ultra-rich, super-clean and modern exterior accentuates the redesigned body of the all-new XL7. The XL7 concept is dressed in midnight black paint with platinum accents and deep crimson "theater red" perimeter LED linear emitters encircling the lower valence of the midsize SUV.

In addition to its eye-catching exterior appearance, the Flix is outfitted with an unprecedented in-vehicle movie system. After parking at the optimal film-viewing destination, Flix's clamshell roof can be opened, revealing a maximum-size moonroof that serves as a 60-inch movie screen. Additionally, the XL7 concept's front roof panel vents, giving way to a high-density digital projection system to display a family's movie of choice. For those who prefer the traditional drive-in movie experience, Flix's projection system can be positioned to display movies nearly anywhere – the side of a building, a billboard or almost any wall.

The interior look of the Flix resembles a contemporary private screening room, dressed in plush materials to evoke elegance and sophistication. The XL7 concept features four individual bucket seats that pivot 180 degrees to view the elevated giant screen. The Flix also is equipped with a next-generation, high-definition DVD player with integrated hard drive for maximum AV storage, a professional THX/SDS-theater quality sound system, pivoting quarter window speakers and red door/floor strip lighting to further enhance the in-vehicle movie experience.

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