How does the Chevy Volt Concept compare to the GM EV1? Here is the run-down:

EV1 Volt
Battery type: Lead Acid LiIon
Battery volume: 300L 100L
Charging voltage: 220V 110V/while driving
Charging Time: 8 hours 6-6.5 hours
QuickCharge Capable NO YES
Passenger capacity: 2 passengers 4 passengers
Acceleration (0-60) 8-9 sec 8-8.5 sec
Top speed: 80 mph 120+ mph
Pure EV Range: 60-90 miles 40 miles
Total Range 60-90 miles 640 miles
Curb weight: 3084 lbs 3140 lbs

If they can just sort out the lithium ion battery issues, then the Volt could be a really winner. Read all about it here.

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