GM unveiling surprise concept on Sunday

With all the broken embargoes lately, we were expecting NAIAS to be no more a surprise than what we bought ourselves for Christmas (socks, btw). But look there! What's that behind the sparkling Auto Show tree? A gift from none other than Mark LaNeve, GM Vice President of Sales and Marketing, with a note that says do not open until Sunday.

Hmmm. I wonder what it could be. LaNeve gives us a few hints on the FastLane Blog:

On Sunday, Jan. 7, we've got something up our sleeve that we can't talk about - yet. Suffice it to say that it's a game-changing approach to automotive transportation that will eventually make trips to the gas station a lot less frequent and substantially less painful. This concept will make its world debut this Sunday, and we think you'll find it as exciting and promising as we do.

Ok, so it's a bicycle? No, wait. He says less painful. A Pontiac-branded Segway? No, he says fewer trips to the gas station, not more embarassing trips. Hmmm. So then, what is it? We've already heard about the plug-in Saturn. Fellow Autoblogger Damon Lavrinc is guessing it's a flying car powered by kitten farts. Though we like that idea, um, we're not sure which GM brand would sell it. Saab?

Anyway, we're glad there will be some surprise to the show this year. Check back with us Sunday and we'll have all the details. Hey, Damon, how would you go about collecting enough kitten gas to run a car, anyway? Just curious, of course.

Oh, btw, the photo, it's a Buick Enclave under there. We know as much as you do (possibly less) about what's coming Sunday.

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