Detroit Auto Show: Ford releases more Interceptor Concept images

click image above to see entire high-resolution gallery with new images

Our original gallery of Interceptor images was a big hit with the clicks last week, despite containing only six images of Ford's brash rear-wheel drive, Mustang-based sedan concept. If you liked those images, you'll be especially interested in the additional eight images of the concept that Ford released today, including plenty of interior shots and a view of the 4.6-liter Cammer V8 all dressed up in concept trim.

This is our first view of the Interceptor Concept's interior, and it sports a decidedly retro feel with its simple and straightforward shapes and materials. The most frequently occuring shape inside is called a squircle, basically a square with rounded corners. The steering wheel, speedometer, tach, shifter gate, vents... all squircles.

The dominant surface material inside the Interceptor is black leather, so much so that driving it must feel like going for a ride in Fonzy's jacket pocket. The vast expanse of leather is broken up here and there by silver metal trim and the slightest hint of a caramel-colored stitching. The four bucket seats are all thin, flat curves with no side bolsters of which to speak. Thank goodness each one is equipped with a four-point belt, because driver and passengers will need them if any directional changes are called for. The front headrests retract into the ceiling when the car is parked and fall back down into place when it's time to roll, while a nice, thick center console bisects the interior and houses the short and stubby shifter.

The interior reflects the same theme exhibited by the Interceptor's sheetmetal, which is simplicity. Some have harshed on the car for being derivitive and not overly complicated in its surface features, but that's what we happen to like about it.

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