Detroit News investigates embargo breaks after DCX minivan leak

I've decided we're officially tired about talking about embargo breaks, so let me say I recognize that by posting on this Detroit News article about breaking embargoes that I'm being a hypocrite. But it mentions us by name, and we're a sucker for our name in print.
Apparently the pair of leaked pics that popped up on a Spanish forum yesterday showing the still-embargoed DCX minivans caused a big enough stir that a "legitimate" news outlet picked up on it. David Shepardson of the Detroit News spent his afternoon yesterday penning a piece on not only the specifics of yesterday's embargo break, but also the details involved in all the premature pixelation that's been going on the past few weeks. All the players in this silly game get quoted, including representatives from the manufacturers, our colleague Ray "former aide to Gov. Granholm" Wert from Jalopnik, and editor/publisher of Car and Driver, Csaba Csere.

In our eyes, the article is somewhat agnostic on the question of who is to blame for these breaks: everyone comes out looking innocent with a finger pointed anywhere but inward. That's all fine and dandy, as we're all just doing our jobs, but when Ford spokeswoman Sara Tatchio says, "We expect them (we think she means us and the like) to hold to our embargos..." even if another outlet breaks them, that just proves some folks at the OEMs stlll have a lot to learn about how things work out here on the interwebs.

Where's our quote in the article? We didn't get asked, so let us provide one here: Our readers (that's you) just want information and pictures on new cars and concepts as fast as we can get them, and we'll get them as fast as we legitimately can... end quote.

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