UPDATE: At the request of the Chrysler Group we've removed the photos of the DCX minivans from Autoblog. In our quest to be seen as a legitimate and professional automotive news outlet, we strive to play this game above board as much as possible. These pics appeared on the forum of a Spanish website, which drew suspicion that someone might have posted them there with the intent they be discovered and widely distributed, which they were. It's one thing if a site breaks an embargo and the rest of the internet community follows suit, but whoever broke the embargo should stand up and take their punishment rather than hiding behind a Spanish forum, if that's the case. Regardless, these minivans are a big deal to The Chrysler Group, and rightly so they are taking action to ensure that their unveiling is protected. Good for you if you got to see the pics while they were up on the site, but if not then don't worry. We'll have dozens and dozens of high-resolution live and official shots when the embargo for these vehicles lift on Sunday.

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