Case IH endorses use of B20 biodiesel in all its engines

Hot on the heals of Kubota announcing their support for B5 biodiesel blends in their engines, Case IH has one upped them by embracing B20 biodiesel blends across its entire line. In addition to now supporting B20, every piece of equipment leaving the Case IH factory will have a biodiesel blend in the tank. As well as great publicity, factory filling with biodiesel could reduce initial break-in wear for engines leading to extended engine life. Biodiesel's superior lubricity over diesel can also reduce fuel and maintenance costs. Case IH will continue field testing to evaluate performance of higher percentage biodiesel blends up to B100.

It is now perceived that companies supporting green technology such as biofuels are more likely to win customer support, especially when that customer is a farmer growing the biofuel feedstock in the first place. Concerns about the importance of biodiesel quality were raised by Case IH though, which identified the possibility of poor quality fuel causing problems such as deposit formation, filter plugging and poor cold flow properties.


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