Kubota approves B5 for use in all Kubota diesel products

Kubota has finally joined the ranks of companies approving B5 biodiesel in all of their diesel-powered products. Excuse me. Kubota is actually approving biodiesel up to B5. This means that all of you with a cup of biodiesel make in your home blender, go ahead and drop it in the tank. Wait. Excuse me again. Kubota is really actually approving only "American B5 biodiesel fuel as a blend component that meets the minimum requirements provided by the American Society of Testing and Materials, Standard ASTM D6751 specifications. The petroleum diesel fuel base must meet ASTM D975 specification. To ensure quality, biodiesel fuels or blended fuel should be purchased from a BQ-9000 accredited producer." So, um, yeah. I'm glad Kubota is taking this baby step towards more biodiesel acceptance. Now let's get them up to B20 and beyond.

[Source: Kubota Tractor Corporation]

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