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Auction Action: Sultan of Brunei's stretch Range Rover on the block

When you're a sultan, you can't just buy a car off the lot. You have to purchase one (preferably using gold bars as currency) and then have a custom coachbuilder turn it into a one-off fit for royalty. The Sultan of Brunei is the current owner of this stretched Range Rover, for instance, which has had a full four feet of wheelbase added by the British coachbuilder Townley, according to (we couldn't find any mention of Townley on the interwebs, so perhaps it's not around any longer).

Adding all that extra room wasn't necessarily done just so the sultan could fill his party bus with more people. No, his Range Rover still seats only five, but the three rear passengers now have a lot more legroom. Rather than keeping a bench back there, the coachbuilders installed two forward-facing buckets and a third seat that faces sideways. In the back there are two TVs (old school ones, not flat screens), a VCR, nice stereo and a laundry list of items that any self-respecting should limo should have. A Ranger Rover in size XXXL like this one would cost you around £139,000 new back in the day, but it's headed for the auction block of H&H Classic Auctions in March, so perhaps some lucky sultan-in-training can pick it up for a song.


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