Galpin's Boss 302 Mustang massage

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With auction week about to explode in Scottsdale, it seems fitting to be talking about a car that might end up going across the block in 30 years. Taking a page out of automotive history, Galpin Ford in North Hills, California is one of those dealers known for adding some of their own tuning magic to factory performance cars. Just like the Yenko and Baldwin-Motion Chevys, Royal Pontiacs, and Grand-Spaulding Dodges, Galpin has built a reputation for doing things to their showroom vehicles to make them stand out at the local dragstrip or cruise night. They've been doing these specials for a long time and eventually built Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) in nearby Van Nuys to handle all of these tuner car projects.

At SEMA this year, they showed another new version of everybody's favorite tuner blank canvas, the Ford Mustang. This particular pony car was cloaked in the same Grabber Blue paint, shaker hood, rear louvers, jutting front lip, flat black hood and stripe package that defined Ford's Boss 302 back in 1970. And what self-respecting Mustang would be caught dead showing off all that Boss 302 garb without something under hood to back up the promise? Not this Galpin 'Stang, that's for sure. Galpin searched through the Ford performance parts catalog and picked out a new 302 crate motor for this project. Mated to a Tremec 5-speed, it should give modern mod-motor Mustang mourners something to brag about.

This particular car is for shows only right now, but shows an outside the box kind of thinking that makes Galpin special. Sort of a reverse resto mod. We liked it when we saw it in Vegas, but with approximately 6,000 other custom Mustangs on hand, it was hard to single this one. Especially when it was sitting next to the display of GT500s.

[Source: Galpin Auto Sports via Jalopnik]

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